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clucks a winter storm headed our way and maryland officials encouraging people to get ready for outages. live team coverage, but first we had over to the weather center with tony pann. let's get some predictions. >> this is not going to be a blockbuster storm closing down the whole state, but it is a respectable little storm coming through. it will start between 3:00-6:00 a.m. and end in the late afternoon. it is a quick moving out the storm. mostly snow in the northern suburbs. total accumulations will range from 1 inch in the southern suburbs to may be up to four inches in the far northern and southern -- northern and western suburbs. if you take your time on the roads, you should get around without too much of a problem. nadia ramdas keeping an eye on how the road crews are preparing for the storm. >> here we go again and.
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another round of winter-like weather this weekend. we're just going to have to get used to it. it's one of the many locations where they will be loading up on salt to keep roads safe. in anticipation for the storm, maryland state highway administration deployed cruise early today pretreat and roads with salt brine to keep them is free. kreuz will be brought in at midnight to get a head start on this possible storm. they will be fully deployed in the metro area and we will have up to 2400 trucks statewide. officials are asking motorists to try to stay off the roads should this hit our area. >> we ask drivers to plan ahead. if you're planning to travel on saturday, weighed on until after the storm begins. give us time to get out on the road to assault and plow. -- to salt and plow.
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>> do drive with cautions on bridges and overpasses. nadia ramdas, wbal-tv 11 news. >> keep track of the storm as it advances on our iphone and android zambo. you can get the updated forecast -- android apps. click on weather. a law banning americans from -- bannging americans from adopting russians signed into law in retaliation to against russians they believe to be human rights violators. >> it is not surprising there is a political tit-for-tat. it's not surprising. what is shocking is that they are using the well being of
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children at risk. for the sake of political retribution. that has to stop. >> it will go into effect january 1st and it is likely that 46 children who were about to be adopted will now remain in russia. american families have been the biggest overseas of doctors taking in more than 60,000 children over the last two decades. a contract remains in a coma after being beaten in west baltimore and the person responsible is still at large. they found 57-year-old stephen pearson on conscious inside a home last week. family members say he had gone to give an estimate on some contract work when he went missing. he remains in serious but stable condition. anyone with information is asked to call city police. a possible hate crime in baltimore city, the claims from a member of the beat and on
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christmas day. barry simms spoke to the victim and his mother today and joins us live from city police headquarters downtown. >> the victim told us that he was not robbed the, but he felt that he was targeted. baltimore city police are investigating. they believe this was under assault and they think they're very close to finding the attackers. >> i was holding my hands up to block my face. >> but it did not work. this is a picture of 30-year-old kenni shaw. >> i was on the ground. i could not get up. i could not see because my eyes were swollen shut. >> the brutal beating happened christmas eve. he had just left the only store open in his neighborhood during the holidays. he had just left this liquor store on east kaufman and milton street. he was one block away when a group of men surrounded him.
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suddenly, one man hit him. >> startled, he wondered why he was attacked. >> i asked him what happened and he punched me in the face again. after that, i was on the ground. >> he received at least 10 more punches to the face. >> he said he only heard these words at the end of the attack. >> at the end of the brutality, if you would have had money, we would have robbed you. >> mentally, but he is very scared. that is really my major concern right now for him, the healing and for us to get the justice that we deserve. >> he told us weeks ago he was taunted and he believes he was targeted. >> i feel it was a hate crime because i am a homosexual.
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>> i do not what my son to feel like when he gets off work and that he cannot go to the corner store to pick up something because he might get beat up. nobody should have to live in fear. >> police are investigating. they say they have some good leads in what they're calling an assault. two years ago, he was robbed at gunpoint. baltimore city police made an arrest that same day. live from downtown baltimore, barry simms, wbal-tv 11 news. >> identity that is one of the fastest-growing crimes in the country, but now there is a state law protecting assaad the youngest victims. sarah sampson joins us live to explain. >> this is the first of its kind in the country, designed to help protect a child credit but it does require a parent or guardian to act. a recent study finds one in 10
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children have had social security numbers compromised in some way. that is the low estimate because some victims do not know they are victims. >> normally a child will not find out until they get to the age they need to apply for credit. >> a new log going to affect aims to keep children as on-line identity davsafe. it will allow a parent or guardian to freeze credit reports of children or disabled adults. you do not even the reasons believe identity is our risk. just ask the they recommend to do it as a precaution. >> of the child has already been a victim, there is no charge for placing a freeze, report. if they have not been a victim, they can charge up to $5 for each of the three major credit
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reporting agencies. >> they're finding ways to protect and especially by marble group of kids. >> we want to make sure foster kids are not at a higher risk and that they are protected. the department of human resources and the credit bureaus are in conversation the figure out what the easiest way to do this is. >> the attorney general's office will be posting information on its website to help them through the process of freezing reports. you will have to contact each of the three reporting agency separately. live in the newsroom, wbal-tv 11 news. >> a few minutes ago, president obama gave a frank and very frustrated statement about the status of the fiscal cliff. he also gave an ultimatum to leaders of the senate. more on that next. >> the fines keep coming to the ravens. why this matter should have happened. >> breaking down this upcoming
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little storm over the weekend. let's take a look outside. dry in baltimore right now. 42
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>> late breaking details out of washington from the white house. we heard from a very frustrated barack obama after a meeting with congressional leaders to talk about the fiscal cliff. he said it was a good day and
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constructive conversation. he also said mitch mcconnell and harry reid are currently working on a bipartisan agreement to avoid the fiscal cliff. again a reminder, on january 1st, a package of across-the- board spending cuts and tax increases go into effect. the president also issued an ultimatum saying if no bipartisan agreement can be reached, he will ask them to bring it package to the floor for an up or down vote. why does everyone have to wait until the last minute? he called this a self-inflicted political wounds. it is because they could not reach a deal earlier this year. we will have more tonight at 11. now we will lighten the mood a little bit here to talk about
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the soft shell crab sandwich. that's quite a sad way. it may become the first state sandwich. -- that's quite a segue. in 2008, they pass legislation to make the multi layered cake our state dessert. >> i like the sandwich. indicative ordered to -- an executive order aimed at minimizing damage to new and restructed buildings. they will need to be 2 feet higher than the 100-year flood level.
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>> i do not want to be controversial or anything. a crab cake sandwich mean more to maryland. it's partially cloudy right now. if you have players tonight, you will not have to worry about the snow on until a doctor midnight. them along the gulf coast, grabbing some moisture. it is not a big storm. but this were a big blockbuster storm coming unc more. it is moving fast. a littlerying to get bit more off of the atlantic.
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coming in our direction, the precipitation would start somewhere between. clop-6:00 in the morning. north and west it will be mostly snow. south of 95, mostly rain. there could be some accumulation. there could be some accumulation down across the lower eastern shore. in a narrow band through carol and frederick county. 2-4 inces. -- inches. close to pennsylvania, maybe 5 inches. this will not be a snow event,
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just take your time. increasing clouds, a chance for snow late. snow is likely tomorrow, especially in the northern suburbs. everything should be out of here before 3:00 or 4:00. high temperatures between 35-40, so we will get above freezing which will help with the roads. the high near 39. new year's day, another week system comes in and that will not put a damper on things. >> from the susquehanna sports center, this is a love and sports. >> the ravens should focus on beating the bengals, eyes are on the big picture roswell.
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patriots losing to miami? that would hurt. they could maybe host the afc title game if it came to that. on the injury report, their questionable. missing two games, he might be back. >> we have a plan and going in. it could change. it could be altered by circumstances. we have a number of guys who are buying up a little bit. we will go in there to win that game with 46 active.
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>> we told you about the $55,000 fine for the allegedly illegal hit by ed reed on victor cruz. fined for this chop block. it would have been legal if kai reed had not participated. the perfect exclamation that saw him flagged 3 times. the season finally ramping up in florida. late last night, a game traditionally to thrill, holiday bowl. ucla and baylor. a nice season for ucla. they beat usc. managing well without rg3. baylor up quick, 7-0.
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bruins down 21-0 getting on the board. 21-7. baylor piling it on. 43 yards, beating all the bruins in. not looking ranked here, ucla. in "you gotta see this," the mavs and thunder in oklahoma city. check him out. durant, you can get in his way, but it won't matter. here we go look at this shot, kate amara -- goodness gracious. going into overtime. dallas shook off that piece of insanity. russell westbrook putting them up.
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generally, the nba doesn't get ramped up until the spring. >> we're ready for the ravens. tony is up next with a look at the 7-day forecast.
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>> here is a look at what we are working on it for you tonight. a snowy saturday aren't taught for a good portion of maryland. no rest for the weary when it comes to state highway. a look at store -- what's in store. the morgan state president sticking around a little longer. what this means for the future of the interview.
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>> we are breaking in winter. snow christmas eve, snow here and there. >> like new shoes. let's break this down one more time. it will start between 3:00 and 6:00 this morning. it will not shut everything down. take your car and driving. temperatures above freezing. one-4 inches of accumulation. typically colder northern and western suburbs and closer to that four-inch mark. it will not cause too much
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problem. >> talking wi
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